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Everyday Bikers is a TV series about ordinary Americans, motorcycles, and fascinating places all around the U.S. Our cast includes a history teacher, an actress, a programmer, a college administrator, a coach, a deli clerk, and other average people whose desire to travel and explore is helping them overcome their doubts and fears about motorcycles so they can learn to safely ride for fun and adventure.

In our first season of Everyday Bikers, you can watch some of our cast learn to ride for the very first time, and watch them progress to longer and longer rides as they train and plan for next year's first annual American Dream Ride, a 12,000 mile journey over 2 full months, riding all around the country.

Watch our show and you'll also learn things like how easy or hard it is to learn to ride a motorcycle, what the dangers are and how to avoid them, how much it costs, and how long it takes. Other than the actual hands-on experience, we'll teach you how to ride a motorcycle, both solo and in groups, and with maximum safety. Why ride instead of drive? Because it's fun. And we'll make it a lot more fun. And because in the beginning it's a little bit of a challenge. Although we'll make it a lot less challenging. And because it can be a lot less expensive than a car.

In addition to learning to ride, you can get to know our co-hosts, pace-rider, training coach, and lots of guest riders as we graduate from a training lot to begin making day-trips and then overnighters. And next year, when we start our American Dream Ride, you can follow us here on EverydayBikers.com to see where we are on any given day. We may even ride through your home town, and if you're an experienced rider, you might want to ride with us a few hours or days when we're in your part of the country. You might even get yourself on TV!


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