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Pre-register below for our first annual
American Dream Ride Sweepstakes!

If Everyday Bikers gets picked up by a major television network, we're going to take 2 months to ride over 12,000 miles all around America, stopping at many of the most interesting places in the country, and we'll give you the chance to ride with us!

Terms and conditions are subject to change until the Sweepstakes officially begins, but you can pre-register now by submitting your email address, and you'll be automatically entered when the Sweepstakes goes live. We give you our word that we won't sell, give, loan, or otherwise let anyone else have or use your email address, nor will we send you email on anyone else's behalf. We will use it to send you up to 6 emails per year to let you know things like when we're going to be filming, when the show will be on TV, when the Sweepstakes goes live, and of course, to notify the winners! Every email we send will include a link to remove yourself from our mailing list, but if your email is removed before the sweepstakes prizes are awarded, you won't be eligible to win.

What can you win? Well the Grand Prize will be spectacular:

Sounds nice, but who can afford to take 2 months off of work to go riding? Well, you can, because the grand prize also includes:

All you have to do is get your employer (unless you're retired or out-of-work) to give you a leave of absence for 2 months, and to encourage them to do that, we'll give them free publicity by telling the world what a swell company they are for letting you realize a dream-come-true!

This will be a sweepstakes, so no purchase will be necessary, but it will be limited to U.S. residents and void where prohibited by law. Only one email address person is allowed (if you forget and enter the same email address more than once, that's okay because we'll filter out duplicates). Obviously email addresses must be valid, since that's how we'll notify the winners. Minors are welcome to pre-register now or register later, but if a legal minor wins, their prize will go to their legal guardian. If you win the grand prize but you can't go on our American Dream Ride, or if you simply don't want to, you can give the prize to anyone you wish, so go ahead and pre-register and you may be giving a loved one a gift that'll knock their socks off!

To pre-register for our sweepstakes, just sign up as a fan by entering your name, email address, and state of residence here. We don't like spam mail any more than you do, so we promise not to sell, give, loan, or otherwise let anyone else use your email address. By registering as a fan, we'll send you up to 6 emails per year to tell you the most important things going on, like where and when you can find us on TV, and of course to tell you if you win a prize in our sweepstakes!

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And please don't forget to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and your other favorite social media. The more fans we can show the networks, the more likely they are to pick up the show, and we have to get picked to make our sweepstakes happen!


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The Everyday Bikers' group-ride theme song is "Never Wrong" by Joe Kennedy (ASCAP), Swarthy Publishing (ASCAP).
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